Community has been at the heart of Judaism since the days when Abraham gathered a small band of men and women around him to worship a single God. Over the centuries, the shape of our communities morphed from desert tribes to shtetls, from magnificent synagogues like ours to the State of Israel.

But the power of community has never diminished. Community celebrates our joys and comforts us in our sadness. It grounds us in our values as we face an often-confounding world. It provides us the strength to cope when we lack the strength to do so alone.

Community is a constant reminder that we belong.

The Temple Emanu-El Streicker Center is proud to continue the tradition of community-building, even with new ways of doing so. Since March 2020, our virtual community, over 100,000 strong, has shared laughter with Harvey Fierstein, sung along with Idan Raichel, studied the Book of Ruth with Dr. Avivah Zornberg, explored angels and devils with Tony Kushner, delighted in the kitchen with Michael Solomonov and discovered how much we have in common with the Shtisel family.

As we face the challenge of simultaneously coping with a global pandemic and forging pathways to a more just society, and as we face a critical election, our fall programs will continue to offer you enriching opportunities to discover new books, meet Pulitzer Prize–winning authors, explore the latest in biblical archaeology, enjoy the music of the Orchestra of St. Luke’s and see how much Jews and Christians actually have in common.

As I write this letter, we are hoping to gradually return to socially distanced in-person events starting in mid-October. Please know that whether you join us online or in person, The Streicker Center team welcomes you and is grateful for your presence.


Dr. Gady Levy,
Executive Director
The Temple Emanu-El Streicker Center

COVID-19 UPDATE: Please note that we will reevaluate each in-person program, week-by-week as more information becomes available. Temple Emanu-El will follow New York city and state-mandated regulations regarding in-person events and gatherings. In the event that we cannot proceed in-person with a program, all buyers will be notified by email.

Streicker Center

Dr. Gady Levy, Executive Director

Erika Resnick, Assistant Director

Ari S. Weitz, Operations Manager

Hadass Attia, Creative Director

Sophia Schwab, Administrative Assistant

Warren Klein, Museum Curator

Marjorie Shuster, Coordinator of Literary Events

Temple Emanu-El

Joshua M. Davidson, Senior Rabbi

Harris Diamond, President

John H. Streicker, President (2012–2018)

Program Committee

Dena Kleiman, Chair

Charles S. Cohen

Jill S. Cohen

Rita Haves

Dr. Masha Mimran

Melanie Radley

Elizabeth Reede

D. Paul Rittmaster

Barry Tucker

Jeffrey A. Zucker

Friends of Streicker

Gloria and Bert Abrams

Barbara Goldstein Amster

Susan and James Baumann

Elise Bloom and Greg Rasin

Amy and Harris Diamond

Bonnie and Clifford Eisler

Cheri and Steve Friedman

Lyla and Howard Glener

Linnea and Dov Gorshein

Karel and Frank Greenberg

Kim and Alan Hartman

Rita and Marc Haves

Robin Hertz and Raymond Bragar

Leslie W. Himmel and Alan A. Shuch

Sarah and Thomas Janover

Helene and Danny Mashal

Kimberly and Andrew Moses

Hubert Neumann

Phyllis Richter and Malcolm Ross

Barbara Ritchin

Jane and D. Paul Rittmaster

Karen and Gary Rose

Lois and Philip Rosen

Gayle and Howard Rothman

Tami Schneider

Laura Harris and Michael Seligman

Robert Siegfried

Batia and Miro Silvera

Roberta and Arnold Ursaner

Susan Warren


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