Friends of Streicker

Gloria and Bert Abrams

Barbara Goldstein Amster

Susan and James Baumann

Elise Bloom and Greg Rasin

Amy and Harris Diamond

Bonnie and Clifford Eisler

Cheri and Steve Friedman

Lyla and Howard Glener

Linnea and Dov Gorshein

Karel and Frank Greenberg

Kim and Alan Hartman

Rita and Marc Haves

Robin Hertz and Raymond Bragar

Leslie W. Himmel and Alan A. Shuch

Sarah and Thomas Janover

Helene and Danny Mashal

Kimberly and Andrew Moses

Hubert Neumann

Phyllis Richter and Malcolm Ross

Barbara Ritchin

Jane and D. Paul Rittmaster

Lois and Philip Rosen

Gayle and Howard Rothman

Tami Schneider

Laura Harris and Michael Seligman

Robert Siegfried

Batia and Miro Silvera

Roberta and Arnold Ursaner

Susan Warren

The Temple Emanu-El Streicker Center is the nexus for all things Jewish. It is our honor and mission to develop programs that spark curiosity, intellect and imagination, infused with our rich Jewish culture and tradition. We offer a multitude of diverse opportunities that explore Judaism through a full spectrum of interests and passions.

The Temple Emanu-El Streicker Center now reaches over 60,000 people a year. This greatly expanded participation is due to innovative programs and classes, diversified outreach efforts and partnerships with other institutions.

To continue our mission, and to grow and strengthen our community, we invite you to join us as a Friend of Streicker.

Becoming a Friend of Streicker helps promote our mission and expand our programming, but that is just the beginning. Your all but $120 tax-deductible gift of $3,600 or more allows us to build on the foundation that connects us, to create more meaningful Jewish experiences and to enhance the lives of our community.


  • Acknowledgment in our program catalog
  • Expedited registration through Friends of Streicker dedicated email address
  • Invitation to exclusive VIP pre/post-event receptions and a photo opportunity with speakers
  • Access to all virtual events with complimentary registration, upon request 
  • Two complimentary tickets to all in-person events, with reserved seating, following social distancing rules (except designated special events and trips)
  • Complimentary admission to one Skirball Academy class per semester
  • A complimentary copy of all books offered as part of our programming, mailed to an address of your choice
  • Gratification that comes from expanding and strengthening our community with programs capturing the rich traditions and unique culture of our people

Additions for Fall 2020

  • Complimentary wine bundle from our virtual wine tasting
  • Two complimentary general admission tickets for the February return of Presidents Clinton and Bush with Doris Kearns Goodwin to our historic sanctuary