Women Inspiring Women

When you’re afraid you’re not brave enough to take that risky step, whose image do you conjure up to give you courage? 

Who do you turn to — literally or figuratively — when you need the strength to say yes, or no, to a challenge, an opportunity or a proposal?

Whose story galvanizes you to be your best self? 

We all have our role models, heroines and influencers who help us keep setting our bars higher and higher, who inspire us to take risks, who serve as our bulwarks against social pressure. But who plays that role in the lives of some of America’s most successful women?

The Temple Emanu-El Streicker Center is honored to welcome a series of intriguing and multifaceted women from dramatically different backgrounds to answer that question, to explore the role of “heroines” in their lives and to talk about how they’ve helped them become the women they are.

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