Gloria and Bert Abrams

Susan Nieder Acunto and Richard Acunto

Barbara Goldstein Amster

Susan and James Baumann

Elise Bloom and Greg Rasin

Amy and Harris Diamond

Bonnie and Clifford Eisler

Cheri and Steve Friedman

Lyla and Howard Glener

Linnea and Dov Gorshein

Karel and Frank Greenberg

Kim and Alan Hartman

Rita and Marc Haves

Robin Hertz and Raymond Bragar

Sarah and Thomas Janover

Helene and Danny Mashal

Kimberly and Andrew Moses

Phyllis Richter and Malcolm Ross

Barbara Ritchin

Jane and D. Paul Rittmaster

Karen and Gary Rose

Lois and Philip Rosen

Phyllis Rosenthal

Gayle and Howard Rothman

Lynn Schneider

Tami Schneider

Robert Siegfried

Batia and Miro Silvera

Roberta and Arnold Ursaner